Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ready for ACTION!

I can't believe this! I can't believe I actually did it! You may be wondering what I'm blabbering about. Well, the first part of my day was indeed very interesting... and very demanding too! I could not wait to write about it, so I just got back home to grab a quick lunch, and thought I'd just tell you all about it! curious? Bet you are !
I went abseiling today! For the very first time in my life I was suspended in mid air, held by a rope and my heart was crying out - But at the same time there was this uncontrolable rush of adrenalin pumping through my veins! It was exciting! And guess what - I enjoyed it! Everybody was really very patient with me, and the Emergency Fire and Rescue Unit were all ready and equipped in case anything went wrong. It was a wonderful experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But, you may be wondering WHY I went abseiling with professional upsailers in the first place, right? Ok! I will let the cat out of the bag! I was training for the up and coming video shoot next week! They said I would need to "know the ropes", so your girl was all set up for ACTION! Who am I to miss out on such an exciting opportunity?! Hey, I have to get going. In half an hour I have another appointment so time is ticking out. I still have to pack my bags for Latvia, so it's going to be a crazy, crazy day!
I will drop by soon to tell you more when I find the time! Your action girl is back on the move!
CU and hugs xxx M

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

And here are some photos for you!

Just got back home - I'm really tired today, but I could not resist sharing with you some photographs from Ukraine! Here, I am in the TV studios, and one of the pics shows me getting my make-up on before the show in Ukraine!
Okay my lovely VODKA people - I will be back soon with more news and a longer post! Now, I'm just going to get myself a nice warm dinner, and just relax...relax... relax! xxxx Nite! Nite!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Just landed!!!!

Hello! I'm back! Landed a few hours ago, and I thought I'd just flip open my laptop and drop my friends a little briefing about my Ukrianian adventure!

It was great guys! The people are so friendly, and our interpreter was one of the sweetest persons I have ever met! (If you're reading my blog..this is for you - Mwaah!).

Okay, back to us now! Everything was so professional and the TV studios were impressive! I had several TV shows, and radio shows, so we kept our Taxi man very busy, but he was more than happy to drive us around and point out some interesting sites on the way!

Hey! I'm really glad that everybody danced to VODKA like crazy! It was such a great feeling to see everybody going wild and shouting out VODKA with me! Obviously VODKA is very big in ukraine because everbody had a big smile at the mention of the word!

To say it in a nutshell - I had a ball ! It would have been simply perfect had it been a little more sunny (but I got the sun from the smiling faces around me, so that was okay!), and if I had taken a jacket that was a little bit ticker than the one I packed - but douze points for the Ukranian experience!

I want to relax today, watch some TV, and talk to some of my close friends - and then it is back to work! Hey - my video clip is going to be filmed next week! :)

(Photo credits TXD)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

From Ukraine... with Love!

Hello everybody! Just woke up and managed to drag myself to breakfast! After a heavy schedule - radio interviews, TV shows, and rehearsals - my body needed to be refueled and energized! I managed to find an internet booth here in our hotel, and I thought I'd just keep you guys posted with what is going on. Just a little message to conenct with you! :)

It's lovely here, and I'm all set to Vodka, Vodka, Vodka, this evening! I'm told I will go to the Latvian selection next week, so that sounds pretty cool! I've done some internet research on Latvia and it looks awesome! Well, I'm all excited!

Robert, is impatiently looking at his watch while I sit here typing away. Guess he is scared we will be late for rehearsals! He is always very punctual, and hey... guess I should get going! But, I'll run back to the breakfast room and grab an apple before! :)

Talk later!!!! Love ya! xxx

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Off to Ukraine....

I'm packing for my trip to Ukraine... and leaving soon, so I better get going cause this is my first trip and I do not want to be late! I'm looking froward to go to Ukraine because I heard so many nice things about it and its people (I think they are very good looking too ! :) ). Yes! I can't wait to set foot there! I'm also looking forward to meet Ani Lorak and celebrate with her!
Na Zdarovye!

So here we go... Ukraine here I come.... V O D K A ----- Let the party begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to my blog

Hi guys and dolls all over Europe! It's been a great experience winning the Malta song for Europe - Pretty unexpected too since it was my 1st real go at it as a solo artist! I've still got that rush of excitement in my head and I can't wait to go on stage on the 22nd May!

Of course, I know that it's going to be a lot of hard work now!! Brrr... Loads of meetings, decisions, shoots, but yes - I will still find time to update my blog in between all this! I decided I want to share this amazing experience with you... my highs... my lows... well, and perhaps I'll let you in on some little secrets as we go along! :) xxx