Monday, May 26, 2008

Thank you for the Music!!!!!!

Hello darlings!

I just woke up to a new day, and the sun is shining on my skin as I sit here on a lovely terrace in Gozo.... blogging away with new found energy! (after some well deserved sleep!!!)

It has been a long, long way to Serbia, with a lot of work, and a lot of stress thrown inbetween... But every minute, every second has been worth it! It was an amazing experience for me and my entire team, and I am glad to take all the positive out of this experience!

Of course, it has been disappointing not to make it through to the finals, but this is Eurovision! We all know that it can be extremely unpredictable with no guarantees at all! There is only one winner after all! But oh! I am just drowning in messages from fans (local and foreign)requesting my song! I am told VODKA is on heavy rotation in Russia and Ukraine, and some offers have poured in from other countries! Wow!

The most emotional moment for me, besides performing VODKA on stage to an audience that seemed to have gone hysteric when I walked on stage - was the Green Room Moment! :) I just could not believe my own ears when I heard people shouting out "MALTA...MALTA!" when the very last envelope was left! I thought I actually imagined all this, until a couple of hours later... the press in Serbia told me what was happening in the arena, and realized that I had actually heard correctly!

I'd like to thank my ENTIRE team! You know who you are, and a big heartfelt THANK YOU for everything you have done, and for believing in me!

Every end has a new begining.... and every begining has a more challenging goal!

For those of you who might have thought I will give up.... I want to let you know that this is only the begining.... and that I have every intention to ride the waves and venture into new and more exciting opportunities.


I am a fighter...

I will be back...

Just be patient and watch out for the Volcano to errupt ..... again!

THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Na Zdarovye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you all!

Morena xxx

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hey! Hey! Hey! Live the party with me!

I just surfaced, and had a breakfast that should last me an entire day! Yesterday, we had the Maltese/Bulgarian/Belarusian party at the Euroclub, and we set the house on fire with some of the greatest Eurovision hits! We also had several guests coming over to perfom in our party, which include the performers from Russia, ukraine, Georgia, Cyprus..... We really had a good time together, and the highlight for me was watching all the fans jumping, and dancing to VODKA!

My dancers were at their energetic best, and it was quite something to see Philip and Gerard dancing to VODKA. :) Absolutely crazy!!!

Today, I thought I will go to the zoo together with 5 4 3 2 1 Marvin, (private joke!) , and my sister! This evening, I will relax and watch the 1st semi final!

Guys! guess what! Diane, Joseph (Toni & Guy) and Fiona, (my BT - Beauty Team), are knock, knock, knocking on my door and are eager to start working on the VODKA girl! They arrived yesterday, and I can sense they are all set to doll me up!

After so many ooohs...and aaaahs... and closely inspecting my VODKA boots... they are set to go!!!

And now I have to go too! But not without giving you a heartfet VODKA kiss....

I am with you in spirit, and I feel you are too!

Love you all!


Sunday, May 18, 2008

The VODKA Girl.... Ready to rock!

Phew! OUR 2ND REHEARSAL IS OVER! I really enjoyed myself on stage! I tell you! Wish these 3 minutes lasted longer!

I have just changed into a fabulous evening gown and I am soon off to the Mayor's welcome party..... I had a pic taken which I am posting here together with a couple of others from our press conference!!!!
Yesterday, I met Dana International, and Verka Sedushka... They are really great, and they love the VODKA Girl!

Thanks to all my local and international fans who are giving me their postive feedback! You make all this so special for me guys! Like I said many times before... I want you all to be part of my experience!

OOOooops! I have to get going... my limo has just arrived.


V O D K A G I R L! xxxxx

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Na Zdarovye!

Hello again!

Wow! I have so much to tell you and so little time!

Right now I am getting ready to rush off to the studios of one of the biggest journals here in Serbia - "ALO". I am told they have chosen the three prettiest women in Eurovision, and I am one of them: It is Charlotte Perelli from Sweden, Kalomoira from Greece, and your VODKA GIRL!

Yesterday was a hectic day. I gave a series of interviews, and all the international fans were really nice to me. They had very good comments about the act in general. We were even chosen by the people of "Shabbat" (hope I got the spelling correct!) as their favourite song... so we were invited to Shabbat yesterday evening and I performed VODKA together with my dancers in an open air arena. The show was transmitted live here, and via satellite to Bosnia!

After that we we went to "shake shake, shake" at the Greek/Cypriot party! It was a great night, and I was asked to perform my song at the party!

It's getting late for my photo shoot, so can't keep this very long. I hope you understand that here things are happening every second! I took some photos for you but my laptop crashed, so until it is fixed I am using another one. However, I will try to post those photos as soon as I can!

We have our 2nd rehearsal on Sunday - tomorrow - so I am looking forward to that!

Sending you all my love from Belgrade!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Voice Of a DarK Agent! - VODKA!

Hello everybody! This is your VODKA girl form Serbia!

It is amazing over here! I am really enjoying myself! Had my very first dress rehearsal this afternoon and all went well! There were a couple of shots which need changing but the over all impression was great! My dancers are transmitting so much energy, and I am missing the audience in the hall! I can't wait to have a live audience... who is going to VODKA with me.

We checked out the costumes.... and I rehearsed in my VODKA boots! The boots are all made out of mirrors - designed by the author of my song - Gerard James Borg - to compliment the entire outfit Ernest has designed for me! The mirrors were imported from Norway escpecially for us! So Hey! Hey! Hey! Na zdarovye!
We had a great press conference, and it was heartwarming to meet some of my fans! We had a lot of postive feedback so I am very happy! Of course there are some excellent songs competing in my semi final too!

I'm in a big rush right now... so have to go.... but I will be back soon! Hey! Hey! Hey! Thanks for all the support!


Monday, May 12, 2008

A heartfelt open letter to all my Fans xxxx

Dear Fans,

I am almost finished with my packing, and squeezing clothes into my suitcase – It’s a big suitcase, but I’ve got loads of clothes and shoes to take with me! (Ever told you I own over 120 pairs of shoes?).

I felt I wanted to share these last moments with you. After all, I owe all this to the people of Malta and Gozo. I am here because you wanted me, and now I will do my best to make you proud. This for me has been a dream…. Now the six-year-old girl who danced with a broomstick in front of the mirror, can take the stage in Belgrade and make her dream come true!

To all my local and international fans… a heartfelt Thank you! These last few months have been an amazing experience for me, and I owe this to the people around me who strived to help this dream of mine come true! Tomorrow I will set foot on the plane, and I will “fly on the wings of love” to Belgrade, and continue living on this beautiful experience. It is Beautiful…because you have made it beautiful for me; All those lovely messages, and the warmth and love you surrounded me with when I met you on the streets, and when I was over in London at the Eurovision Preview Party.

I look forward to come back to you all and experience some lovely moments together. After all this is Eurovision. It is a feast of universal music, and many colourful nations cheering together under one sky! Right now… This is where I want to be! Right now… I want to feel that love one more time – and I want to transmit so much energy back to you when I am on that stage!

Thank you for the support you have shown…
Thank you for making me your Morena…
Thank you for the enthusiasm and the energy you make me feel when I sing to you.
Above all THANK YOU for sharing this dream with me day by day, by day, by day….

I look forward to see you all in Belgrade…. And please, please… Give me your energy and love… and I promise… your VODKA Girl will give you an amazing, and energetic Eurovision experience.

A very warm VODKA hug…SEE you all….. and HEAR you all….!
Let the party begin!!!!

Morenita! xxxx


Here we go again.... !

M xxxx

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Good morning Sweeties!

Your VODKA girl is up and kickin' and voila!.... yet another teaser for you!

Hey! Hey! Hey! Na Zdarovye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

SPY 1 meets SPY 2.. SPY3.. SPY 4.. SPY 5

Hello everybody!
I'm ready for today! Well almost! I need to get ready for a TV show though I am drained out! I need to get something in my stomach soon, but I could not resist popping by and posting some pictures for you!

Had an early start to my day! Driving around to run the very last errands, and then collecting some stuff (!!!!) from Gerard's, and then off to Philip to catch up with my Na Zdarovye Guys!

Thomas (Spy 4)
Nik (Spy 5)
Dan (Spy 3)
Markus (Spy 2)

Yeah! My very own secret agents imported from Sweden!

AnnaBelle, my vocalist was also at the studio, and we rehearsed the song together for some time! The first rehearsal went really well! In the photo you see some of the dancers, and the guy in the photograph with me is Thomas Bernstem who is in charge of the choreography!

I'm off to get a quick bite now (mmmmm.... loving the idea of a chicken salad!), and then continue with my day!

Tomorrow I've got an early wake up call!
VODKA kisses to you all!


On the run! Phew! But I didn't forget you! Here is your VODKA Teaser for Day 3! Off for a fitting... off for a quick meeting... catching up with my makeup artist... hairdresser.... the swedish dancers.... spinning around"
Kisses! M
see you SOON!

Friday, May 9, 2008


Here we go ! Something more to tease your imagination!


xxx M

Thursday, May 8, 2008


V O D K A - T E A S E R - ONE
Hello! I'm back...and sooner than you expected me to!

This is going to be an exciting week! I'm meeting up with my dancers from Sweden this weekend and TODAY marks the start of the VODKA TEASER COUNTDOWN!

I will be posting a new teaser-pic every day! Just so all of you can get a hint of what is going on with my VODKA outfit! And the VODKA act!

So here is the first teaser pic for you all!

Loads of VODKA kisses, energy, and love!

Morena xxxx

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lordi .... and I

A quick message to all my fans, whislt I wait in the foyer of a five star hotel for my last interview for the day! (phew!)

Yesterday I got a call from Finland! It was not Mr Lordi (not yet!)... but a Finnish journalist who is doing a story about me and Lordi for one of the newspapers in Finland! We were on the phone for almost an hour, and he turned out to be one of the greatest guys I have ever "met." So, in the next weeks my interview will hit the Finnish media, and I can just see Mr Lordi getting all excited about our "duet together!" And when that happens... it will be just as explosive as the pyros they used in 2006!

Oooops! I see someone approaching, looking rather lost... but I have a feeling he is looking for me. My last interview for the day and then I'm off to pamper my skin with some essential oils and just relax..... Maybe, I will switch on my DVD player and watch a past edition of the Eurovision Song Contest ...... Maybe, I'll just have a power-nap!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Final countdown....

I know! I know! I know!

I have been off this blog for some days but right now I am absolutely snowed down with stuff! Meetings never stop, and my phone keeps ringing endlessly unless I switch it off! What’s new? :)

Yesterday I had a day of rehearsals at the studio, and I also met up with my backing vocalist to discuss a couple of things! We did a couple of sessions together and all went well! Next thing I know, I was being driven to my hairdresser (Joseph from Toni & Guy), and together with his team we discussed various options for the VODKA hair-do! Finally we reached a decision! So hey, things are moving rapidly now, and as the last days kick in, all seems to be moving in the right direction.

The outfit is almost ready! Just a few minor details and it’s done! Hurrah! And I am really, really happy with the outcome. I even had a look at what the dancers will wear and that was very nice too. Thanks to Ernest for his patience, and a special thanks to Gerard who has given a great contribution to my outfit…... Hmmmm…. You will understand why, once you see EVERYTHING…..!!!!!!!! :)

This weekend I will be meeting my dancers/vocalists for some serious rehearsing and we are all determined to sweat it out from the break of dawn! So, I suppose, I should keep a power bar handy! I can imagine that all around Europe 42 other performers are all caught up in the same frenzy I am in! It’s part of the package, but it is also a once in a lifetime experience I am certainly enjoying! I feel privileged to represent my country and feel like a winner just by flying the flag for Malta. Like I said in various interviews before…….. come what may!

My mobile is going crazy again! Gotta run!
I’ll be back VERY soon though…. xxx

Monday, April 28, 2008

Oh what a night!!!!!!!!!!

Back on Maltese soil after an amazing weekend in London! The Eurovision Preview party was so much fun and I enjoyed every millisecond of it. I got the opportunity to meet more artists who will be taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest with me this year: Isis Gee from Poland, and also the Bulgarian singer together with her charming HOD. They were both really nice and I am looking forward to catch up with them again once I set foot in Serbia!

It was an incredible experience meeting so many fans and hearing them sing VODKA with me when I was on stage! I really want to drag you all on stage at the big “E” if I win! That’s a promise guys! You made my night even more special! In fact, I was a little bit naughty and sneaked out on the balcony at Scala, to have a little dance. Maybe I shouldn’t have done it at all, but I just could not resist the excitement! They asked if I needed bodyguards but I refused. I’m the VODKA girl after all…. And there was only love, and warmth at Scala.

Hmmm… there were some of you I wanted to catch up with and did not get the opportunity to do for some reason or other, but I truly hope I could make up for it in Serbia!

London was also an incredible shopping and sight-seeing experience! When all the interviews, TV experiences, and radio shows were over, I hit the road with my PR team and we did some serious shopping! After that, we just relaxed in a couple of nice restaurants, and I had the most deadly-though-delicious cake!

Now, back in Malta, I just had a look at my scheduled meetings for this week, and almost got a heart-attack! It gets busier by the minute! I’m also running to and fro to try on my “frock for the night”, and something else which I am not allowed to tell you about right now – but which I am sure most of you will like! Hmmmmmm…. Will love actually! :)

It’s almost midday… I’ve been a little bit lazy today, but it won’t last long! I should be on my way… but first… here’s a little VODKA kiss from me! X

(Photo: Geo Kyp - Esctoday)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Living life, the VODKA way!

Oh! The closer it gets the more hectic things get! :) I'm blogging away waiting for more journalists to arrive. I've had a live radio interview today, and in 5 minutes I've got an interview with one of the major newspapers in Malta! It's going to be one of those tell-it-all things, and I'm wondering what they will ask about! I've been asked how my dress will be.... who will be on stage with me..... if I will come down from the ceiling....whether I will have ice on stage... Is it true that Mr Lordi is coming to Serbia to support me? Yeah, all questions that need an answer I suppose!

Last weekend, I had the time of my life at the Sky club with Josette. She is truly a talented Lady of Pleasure in more ways than one! I'm sure she would be a worthy representive of Malta one day! I managed to get a photo done, and here you can watch us both performing "Sisters, do it for themselves." I wish I was good enough to do a little video clip of our performance, but I'm not good with these high tech gadgets, so I will leave it to your imagination.

Rehearsals are underway! I will tell you more about them soon. I will also be posting a couple of teasers for you to enjoy soon.... Just so you can get a glimpse of what is going on!

As you probably realize from this post I'm a little bit stressed with time today. It won't be a minute before my door bell rings and the journalists show up with their laptops, eager for information! So, I'll have to get going!

Oh - One last thing! I will be starting the GO mobile tour this week. Any of you who would like to meet me and say "Hello" I will be visiting Go Mobile outlets and signing autographs as from today! And so goes the life of your VODKA girl! :)



Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Trading places.....

Back with a bang!

After a balanced mix of TV shows, performances, meetings, and more interviews I finally get some time to dedicate to my blog and to all my lovely VODKA fans out there. So, I decided to surprise you with something you were not expecting. Something, as far as I know, no Eurovision artist has ever done before! I decided to switch roles with a couple of my fans and instead of them interviewing me, I wanted to interview them and check out what makes their pulse tick! I too need to quench my curiosities!
I started off with some of my most fervent fans: Ladies & Gentlemen… I give you the first Morena Interview – And Shouting it Out on the Hot seat this week…. The Fabulous Schlagerboys!

(M) Hello guys! Why are you so passionate about Eurovision in the first place?

(SB) Four words: glitter, glamour, wind-machines and key-changes! Plus the UK music scene is rubbish and Eurovision is the only place to get good pop music these days!

(M) You were one of the very first to support my song, even before I won the Maltese finals! What’s so special about VODKA (the song!), that has made you write so much about it, and about me?

(SB) “Vodka” is fun, has attitude and doesn’t take itself too seriously… and you’ve got fabulous hair! “Caravaggio” was good too but it was all a bit serious and Claudia didn’t smile during her performance. You obviously enjoy jumping around the stage! And we do too!

(M) Which past Maltese entry would you perform on the Eurovision stage had you been given the chance? Would you do it differently?

(SB) “On Again Off Again”. Although we’d be fighting over who would be Julie.

(M) I can understand that will take a couple of hours for you to reach a compromise! How do you imagine my VODKA performance in Serbia ? How would YOU do it!

(SB) Coming down from the ceiling on a wire and running round stage doing lots of Charlie’s Angels poses and high kicks… There’d be plenty of hunky backing dancers lifting you up and doing backflips! That sort of thing…

(M) Sounds good! Your favourite all-time Eurovision entry, and one you can’t stand listening to?

(SB) Two favourites:
“Invincible” (Sweden 2006) for the wind-machine, key-change and fabulous chorus. Not forgetting the strutting round stage and the flag-waving.
“Det Lige Det” ( Denmark 1984) because Dame Kirsten Siggaard is a Eurovision legend and that echoey key-change was a seminal moment in the Schlagerboys’ young lives…

(M) I’ve been told you are fans of the Borg-Vella songs. Any particular reason?

(SB) They always have good tunes and have fabulous key-changes. (Although we’re still waiting for Philip and Gerard to put the key-change into “Vodka”)

(M) Besides being fans of the Maltese Islands , I know you are also fans of anything related to Sweden . Give me 3 things you like best about Malta , and 3 things you like best about Sweden ….



“It Hurts”

It’s all about the music for the Schlagerboys! But Malta has got a fabulous Absolut Vodka Bar at the Intercontinental Hotel in St George’s Bay too.

(M) And now the big question: You have a magic wand and can decide where Eurovision 2009 will be…. Where and why?

(SB) Valletta darling !!! Or Stockholm , obviously!

(M) Some sunshine would be great wouldn't it!!! If you had to be a Eurovision performer for just one day – who would you be, and why?

(SB) Carola, because she’s the queen of Eurovision and we’d have people driving us round in limousines and opening doors for us all day. And we’d have great teeth too.

(M) What would you choose between; A) A high-flying Eurovision related job with the EBU which does not pay so much but gets you to meet all the stars and breathe Eurovision 365 days a year - OR – B) Performing the 2009 entry for the United Kingdom as the Schlagerboys – OR – C) Becoming really close friends with Madonna and Paris Hilton (which would include perks like shopping in Milan together, VIP parties, making use of their mansions, etc).

(SB) Definitely B. There’d be two key-changes, costume changes galore and Dames Nicki French and Cheryl Baker on backing vocals. Obviously we’d win too.

(M) I'm sure you will scoop up every douze available! Now.... Beauty, Fame, or your Sanity? Which would you choose?

(SB) We’d always choose schlager!

(M) How bad are you from 1 to 10?

(SB) So bad we’re very, very good!

(M) Finally! Any message to the readers of my blog?

(SB) Keep the schlager faith! And if you’re Maltese – vote for Sweden ! If you’re Swedish – vote for Malta !

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Gooooooooooooood Morning Europe!

Are you awake and ready, and completely energized to hit the weekend? I AM!!!!

I woke up to those "glorious" sms signals on my mobile indicating that several messages awaited my attention! And voila! So many of you sent me some really nice thoughts about my interview on Esctoday, which was featured yesterday evening! Thank you so much for all the nice comments. I was only being very honest and direct in everything I said. Glad that you have appreciated it so much.

I've put a link to the interview here:

It seems that my proposal to do a duet with the adorable Mister Lordi caused a sensation in the Eurovision world! Well, why not! I think it would be an amazing duet, and I'm sure Mister Lordi would not mind me rocking away with him! So - I'm ready for the challenge! :)

For the first time in many weeks, this will be a soft weekend for me! Therefore, I will dedicate myself completely to spending quality time with all my family and close friends. Do all the things I should have done in the past days, but because of my hectic schedule did not have time to do!

Thanks to all those who are coming to the party in London! Andy, Matthew, Paul, Schlagerboys, Amanda, Leif, Darren, Sue and Jason, Woltek, Jonathan and Roberto..... and all the rest who have emailed or messaged me! Mwaaah! Mwaaah! Mwaaah!

The sun is shining, and I'm ready to enjoy it to the max! I'm even tempted to slip on my bikini and dive into the crystal blue waters of the mediterranean! I could do with a golden tan, and some exercise! :) Maybe you want to join?
Happy weekend to you all!

NA ZDAROVYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Come meet me in LONDON on April 25th!

Calling all Londoners!



As you probably all know by now I will be flying to London on the 25th April, and will perform with some other Eurovision artists at the trendy SCALA in central London!

I'm really looking froward to this event cause I heard there will be some cool things happening there and lots and lots of Eurovision fans will be flying their flags! I'd love to have the time to meet them all! Paddy O'connell, the popular UK commentator will be hosting the show - so I'm going to try and make him do the VODKA dance with me! Sssssssssssh!!!!!

OMG! The big question drills through my mind almost immediately: "What should I wear???" come on guys help me out! What colour do you want me in? Do you want your VODKA girl to look sexy, crazy, or simply wild? You've got to help me out here! :)

AND - to all my fans - I want you to come over and say hello and above all... I want to see you waving the Maltese flag!!!!!!! Ask more of your friends living in London to come over, and let's VODKA TOGETHER !!!!!! I want to hear you ! I want to see you go wild! Yeeeeeehaaaa! Let the party begin!!!!! It's going to be an Absolute Disco! Morena is ready - How about you?

Mmmm... this thing got me pretty excited already, so maybe I should just calm down now, and finish off my herbal tea and get going! Need to catch the ferry soon and go over for a meeting with some ladies. I'll be meeting the Prime minister's wife today, so I am set and ready clad in elegant, morning wear!

Once again, I call every Malteaser in London to come and meet me at Scala! Please pass on the word! AND, I am as thrilled to meet my lovely UK fans who have been showing me constant support throughout this journey! See you soon for an unforgettable VODKA experience!

Your one and only.... VODKA GIRL! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Photo: Inmagine

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Mirror Mirror on the wall......

..............Who is the fairest of them all……………….!!!

In the midst of all the up and coming Eurovision preparations, I was invited by rising Maltese Super Diva – Jo Zette to join her, and Frankie Quatromani, at the SKY club in Paceville on the 18th April! Now tell me – can you say “NO!” to Jo Zette???

As you all know Jo Zette was a semi finalist in the 2nd phase of the past Malta Song for Europe Contest with the song “CATWALK”.
When she rang to ask me to perform with her at SKY, I was rather apprehensive – but she sweet-talked me into it, and once I met her she turned out to be an adorable lady of Pleasure and leisure! However, she insisted I will be introduced as her “warm up act”, and rattled on about her future song projects! It seems, the lady of Pleasure and leisure will be performing her outrageous “CATWALK” song, and if I remember correctly, an additional two songs that sound rather interesting: “My Boobs don’t lie”, and “Big IS Beautiful”.

I can reveal that Jo zette and moi are preparing a nice surprise for those present! Won’t say too much about it, but it all looks like it is going to be big fun on the 18th, so hoping to see you all there!

I’ve heard through the grapevine that Jo Zette is preparing some fabulous dresses, so I really have to worry about what to wear! I don’t think it would be nice if your VODKA Girl is outshined by Jo Zette! I’ve noticed the lady has got a dangerous, competitive streak hidden behind the tons of green eye-shadow, and lip gloss!

Looking forward to the evening!

Hmmm! Now, I better shake my act and continue with my day!
Kiss! Kiss!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"Hej Sverige! Är ni redo för VODKA?"

Hello everybody!

You might have noticed the heading of my blog today is in Swedish! But that’s not because I’m moving to Stockholm or anything! Today my blog is being linked to one of the most famous Swedish Eurovision sites – Gylleneskor! So, I thought it would only be appropriate to greet the Swedish readers in their language!

This year Malta seems to have a Swedish connection! We will be having a Maltese- Swedish team in Serbia, and incidentally, the new Eurovision version of VODKA was remixed and mastered in one of the best studios in Stockholm by Ronny Lahti. The latter has worked with some of the best international artists which include Roxette and Europe. Aboard the production team was Philip Vella, Sean Vella, and Thomas G:son. (Thanks guys for a fantastic job!).

Allow me also to take the opportunity and officially thank ALL the international Eurovision websites who have been covering our news, and all those journalists who have made contact and requested interviews! I am answering every question you are sending no matter how naughty it is! And to all you fans of mine, which I now prefer to call you “Friends” – thanks for the lovely comments you send me each day!

Well, am I sounding too emotional? Maybe I should stop. This was a blog about Sweden, after all! So have a great day! And we will talk again soooooooooon!


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

ICE BUSTIER for Eurovision performance!!!!

Back in the studios to record a couple of songs in preperation for an exciting show that I will tell you more about very soon!!!!!!!!!!

I managed a "Kit-Kat break" and thought I'd drop a few lines while some technical people are keeping themselves busy with what looks like complicated, heavy wiring of some sort! I grabbed a take-away burger on the way here, just because I was short of time, and the rancid offering is still burning a hole in my stomach! The last time I had a burger I was on holiday and had a very unpleasant experience with a waiter who sported an ego much larger than his IQ! But I won't get into that now! Momma's salads rule! :) (My ones are not too exciting I'm afraid!!!).

After I'm finished with the Studio I'm going to try and make it to Valletta in time to try on something really "Cool"! You want to know what it is???? It's the ICE bustier I will be wearing for the song contest! Yes guys! A bustier made out of pure ice cubes that automatically form once a certain temperature is reached! Everything is based on an ice-blue metal sheet and once you hit a button, the entire process begins as the module contains a special routine for computing ice! It's going to be the first ICE BUSTIER ever to grace the Eurovision stage! We felt it would fit the song like a glove! This lovely creation is a product of pure genius from the creative mind of Swiss based engineer Jens Fredsson Leer......
A Vodka kiss to you all....
A P R I L F O O L!!!!! :) :) :)

Monday, March 31, 2008

Vodka-tastic interview on Schlagerblog!

Just popping here to say "Hello!" and post this!

I've just been informed that the famous Schlagerboys have just uploaded an interview with your favourite VODKA girl!

It's a fun interview, and I'm looking forward to see them, and all my other fans in Serbia! And all of you are going to make one BIG promise! You're gonna VODKA with me all through the song! :) Hey! Hey! Hey! Na Zdarovye!

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x


p.s. count the kisses!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Weekend coming up!

Have a look at the time I'm posting!

It's past midnight and I just got home, kicked off my heels, put on some face cream, and pronto... I'm blogging away! I've become addicted to this lovely laptop of mine, and to all my lovely friends waiting out there for my news! And guess what guys - Soon my blog is going to be linked to a foreign site. Hmmm... but will tell you more about it soon!

The weekend is coming up and your VODKA Girl is busy as usual, hopping from one venue to another, and taking a dozen phone calls per hour! Yes, life as a VODKA girl is not easy! As usual my weekend is packed, and the mad rush comes to an end on Sunday. I've got a concert in Gharb and then I will be flown to Axis Discotheque in St Julians - like a real diva - to perform with Swedish disco queen Pertra Marklund - better known as September! So, we're gonna have a supa-dupa party and shake, shake, shake till the early hours!

I'll call it a night, and slip under the sheets now for some well deserved sleep! Remember, I've got an early wake-up call tomorrow.......TOO! :)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Good morning my dears!

Hope all of you are well and kickin', and ready for a new day! I had the luxury of oversleeping today and it just feels... oh! Good! Good! Good! Yeah... Good! Good! Good!

I've just had a nice, and healthy breakfast , with 3 of my girlfriends! They prepared some really nice things for me, and pampered me like a real star, while they squeezed all the star-gossip out of me! :) Thanks girls! That was so nice! But since all fairytales come to an end, I know I have to gear up for a hectic day pretty soon!

Today, I'm off to catch the ferry and you'll be watching me on Mini Bugz this afternoon (Net TV). After that I'm doing a couple of radio shows, and then I'm popping into the studios to check out a new song which is being written for me. Gerard, would not reveal the title! Aw, he is such a tease! He says I'm going to like the text cause it's all about girl power! I tried to squeeze more information out of Philip, but he is on the teasing-game too! So, I'll just have to wait! Aaaggggggggggggggh!

My hectic TV schedule continues on Friday! You will be able to watch me on the afternoon show "Flimkien" which is aired on TVM.

I'll fill you in on my weekend soon! Now, I just have to doll myself up a little bit and head for the ferry before it is too late!

Have a good day - and a VODKA kiss to you all!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Just to say -----------

I'm back!

I feel a little bit guilty I have been away so long after the video clip launch but I have been snowed down to the max (as usual, right!?). Hope you all had a fantastic Easter and ate to your heart's content! I'm GUILTY of that too! I quit the salads, and indulged in a mouth watering roast, and some delicious sweets! I actually forgot the last time I had a bar of chocolate - so the pleasure was double!

It's Monday , and I know I will have to pay for this! Especially because I have been chatting with my designer - Ernest, and together with Gerard, we have all pooled in some ideas for the VODKA night in Serbia! Ernest will be designing my dress for the performance and hope he will bring me the same luck he brought Ira Losco in 2002! :) I'm very happy with the outcome, and think the puzzle is falling into place brilliantly! Eventually, I'll let you in on a couple of teasers.... :)

I can't not thank you all for showering me with messages and praise for the video clip! I'm so glad you liked it. Thanks Vlad, Andy, Ray, Schlagerboys, Maria, Lena, Priscilla, Paul, Alexey, Thomas, Ben, and a thousand others I can't name one by one cause it would take me too long! I just want you to know that I read your comments, and that I appreciate them very much. I may not have the time to respond to them, but do know that you are making this adventure all the more special for me!

I'm off to catch the ferry now - so "Au revoir!" and talk to you all soon!

xxx Morena

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Link to VODKA video clip:


I'm just back from the premiere of the video clip for VODKA, and could not resist sharing my emotions and thoughts with you! It was a great launch, with so many people and so much press, but above all, an awesome video clip! It was worth every bruise, worth every minute of sleep lost, and worth standing out there in the cold night until the director pronounced the magic words!

Everybody seemed to be very impressed, and had ear-to-ear smiles, so I was happy to see such a positive outcome! Thanks to everybody who gave his input in this production.... From my hairdresser to my make-up artist to all the extras involved, the Emergency Fire and Rescue Unit, and all the creative minds that brainstormed until everybody was happy! I can't forget the director - Mark Vassallo from Where's Everybody, who are the producers of the video clip, and of course Angie and Olwyn! And to all the camera crew who stood by me day and night and gave their 101 % !!!!! Thank you all - for creating this! (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx).

I hope I did not forget anybody, and if I did... please forgive me. You know I love you all, and thank you all for everything!

I can't not thank Kris Micallef for creating my website. Now, all of you can go to and have a look! Whether you are a fan, a journalist, or an admirer, now I am one step closer to you! Have a look!

Come on everybody! Morena is ready to Party! Morena is ready to VODKA! But I need you all to do it with me! Let's Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! xxxxx

Monday, March 17, 2008

"Spy 1.... to Spy 4"

Look into my eyes....

There is one more surprise coming over to you this week...

For all local VODKA fans...

For all international VODKA fans...

For all the media and press....

My website will be launched soon, and you will be able to email

me whenever you wish!

"SPY 1 to Spy 4 .... We just have to connect"

Friday, March 14, 2008


Just about to pop in bed after a gruelling day of appointments, meetings, and decisions! Ah, it's so nice to get under the blanket, sip some orange juice, and just unwind! Of course, I know I have been missing my blog appointment with you guys, but please understand that life as a Vodka Girl is not easy! The day has only 24 hours!

But HEY! HEY! HEY! I have news for you -!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Vodka video clip will be launched next week! I can't wait to watch it myself, and I know that all of you out there are eagerly waiting for it too! Prepare yourself to VODKA with me!

Are you ready????

xxx Morena

Saturday, March 8, 2008

V O D K A - The Video!

All is being set for the studio shoot. This is the lair were Svenka Ovva and her henchmen hatch their deadly plans!

Getting ready for the first round of singing!

They never stop checking lights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The author of the song came over to visit the set today!

It's pizza break! With Diane - my make-up artist - Olwyn, and Angie, who is coordinating the project.

Waking up to a new day and knowing that I can have a break from filming, photoshoots, and interviews is quite something! It is a weird feeling actually! But a decaf and an apricot croissant later, I feel ready to hit my laptop and let you in on my first week of shooting!
Are you ready?
All went well but I'm black and blue! My arms and my legs are sporting big bruises from all the various stunts I've done this week, but I have no regrets! It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience to do so many things at once and I'm not missing out on anything! Of course we had a group or trained stunt-men to do some of the most dangerous things. However, I did insist on doing some myself! I'm a brave girl you know ! :)

The shoots dragged on till the late hours, and we survived on black coffee and pizza! (I suppose I must have nibbled on all kinds of pizza delights one can imagine this week).

Yesterday we had a studio shoot. I must have sang VODKA at least twenty-five times in front of the camera for them to capture various shots of me from various angles. In the VODKA video clip you're going to see me as the secret agent fleeing from one of the world's most dangerous criminal headquarters after I deciphered the code word! But it's not going to be easy for me to get away. Svenka Ovva, who is the mastermind behind an evil plan to control the world's most protected data, has sent her henchmen after me! However, you will also see me belting out the song in various other shots, performing for the camera and for you all out there!

I'm very curious to see the final result! I'm told filming comes to an exhilerating climax on Tuesday. I'm not sure I have the patience to wait for the editing and final cuts, but I suppose I don't have a choice do I?

I remembered to take my camera with me for some snap shots. I thought you would love a sneak preview! :) Hey! I know it's not much, but it's something!
I will allow myself another apricot croissant today, and take some time to answer some of my fan mail which keeps pouring in! I'm getting mail from all parts of Europe including a very sweet one from Kyiv. A young lady who has watched me live during my performance there. I'm getting a lot of nice mail from Poland too!
Thank you so much for sharing this experience with me. You make everything so much more worth it!
A zillion VODKA kisses
Morena xxx

Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy Birthday to ....Me!

It's my birthday today but your Vodka Girl is not having a relaxing day in. I had a video shoot early this morning so I had to be at the film studios in time for make-up and hair! After a quick breakfast I was being dolled up by Diane (my make-up artist) and Joseph from Toni & Guy who is my hairdresser! Between some fast food and tons of hairspray the shoot started and nobody even realized it was my birthday! And then, suddenly - The lights dim and everybody starts cheering and singing happy birthday. A nice, mouth-watering birthday cake coverd with oh la la... DELICIOUS chocolate ... appears in front of me out of nowhere! Hurrah! I was not forgotten! I got a little birthday present too! A very cuddly teddy-bear which we called "Mini-Vodka" and it will be my Good Luck charm from now on! I'm going to take "Mini-Vodka" with me to Serbia!!!!

Here are some photos for you to enjoy! And tomorrow, I'm going to take a little break and tell you all about the video clip - with some exclusive photos I took especially for you!

So keep tuned ! xxxx

Monday, March 3, 2008

Cover Girl!

And here is your very own VODKA Girl on the front cover of Circle! We had a great time doing the shoot, and the interview!


Phew! Sorry for not being able to update my blog before today, but I just had to take a long and deserved rest yesterday! Landed on Maltese soil from my Latvian journey in the afternoon, experiencing a slight delay with our connecting flights, but we made it!

Latvia was amazing! And the show was equally amazing peppered with international guests from Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Lithuania, and myself of course! Met some really nice people, amongst which a Swedish composer who happens to know Gerard. It’s a small, small world! And welcome aboard to the Pirates of the Sea – This Eurovision is going to be a mix of different styles and characters! Pirates from Latvia, a cute Turkey from Ireland, and oh, I’m all excited to see what is coming up next! There are some fantastic singers with some fantastic songs in the running and I’m looking forward to party with them when I get to Serbia. BUT HOLD ON! There will also be more than a dash of V O D K A this year in the Eurovision song contest. Morena is going to make sure of that! Like I always say - Let the party begin!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ready for ACTION!

I can't believe this! I can't believe I actually did it! You may be wondering what I'm blabbering about. Well, the first part of my day was indeed very interesting... and very demanding too! I could not wait to write about it, so I just got back home to grab a quick lunch, and thought I'd just tell you all about it! curious? Bet you are !
I went abseiling today! For the very first time in my life I was suspended in mid air, held by a rope and my heart was crying out - But at the same time there was this uncontrolable rush of adrenalin pumping through my veins! It was exciting! And guess what - I enjoyed it! Everybody was really very patient with me, and the Emergency Fire and Rescue Unit were all ready and equipped in case anything went wrong. It was a wonderful experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But, you may be wondering WHY I went abseiling with professional upsailers in the first place, right? Ok! I will let the cat out of the bag! I was training for the up and coming video shoot next week! They said I would need to "know the ropes", so your girl was all set up for ACTION! Who am I to miss out on such an exciting opportunity?! Hey, I have to get going. In half an hour I have another appointment so time is ticking out. I still have to pack my bags for Latvia, so it's going to be a crazy, crazy day!
I will drop by soon to tell you more when I find the time! Your action girl is back on the move!
CU and hugs xxx M