Monday, May 26, 2008

Thank you for the Music!!!!!!

Hello darlings!

I just woke up to a new day, and the sun is shining on my skin as I sit here on a lovely terrace in Gozo.... blogging away with new found energy! (after some well deserved sleep!!!)

It has been a long, long way to Serbia, with a lot of work, and a lot of stress thrown inbetween... But every minute, every second has been worth it! It was an amazing experience for me and my entire team, and I am glad to take all the positive out of this experience!

Of course, it has been disappointing not to make it through to the finals, but this is Eurovision! We all know that it can be extremely unpredictable with no guarantees at all! There is only one winner after all! But oh! I am just drowning in messages from fans (local and foreign)requesting my song! I am told VODKA is on heavy rotation in Russia and Ukraine, and some offers have poured in from other countries! Wow!

The most emotional moment for me, besides performing VODKA on stage to an audience that seemed to have gone hysteric when I walked on stage - was the Green Room Moment! :) I just could not believe my own ears when I heard people shouting out "MALTA...MALTA!" when the very last envelope was left! I thought I actually imagined all this, until a couple of hours later... the press in Serbia told me what was happening in the arena, and realized that I had actually heard correctly!

I'd like to thank my ENTIRE team! You know who you are, and a big heartfelt THANK YOU for everything you have done, and for believing in me!

Every end has a new begining.... and every begining has a more challenging goal!

For those of you who might have thought I will give up.... I want to let you know that this is only the begining.... and that I have every intention to ride the waves and venture into new and more exciting opportunities.


I am a fighter...

I will be back...

Just be patient and watch out for the Volcano to errupt ..... again!

THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Na Zdarovye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you all!

Morena xxx

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hey! Hey! Hey! Live the party with me!

I just surfaced, and had a breakfast that should last me an entire day! Yesterday, we had the Maltese/Bulgarian/Belarusian party at the Euroclub, and we set the house on fire with some of the greatest Eurovision hits! We also had several guests coming over to perfom in our party, which include the performers from Russia, ukraine, Georgia, Cyprus..... We really had a good time together, and the highlight for me was watching all the fans jumping, and dancing to VODKA!

My dancers were at their energetic best, and it was quite something to see Philip and Gerard dancing to VODKA. :) Absolutely crazy!!!

Today, I thought I will go to the zoo together with 5 4 3 2 1 Marvin, (private joke!) , and my sister! This evening, I will relax and watch the 1st semi final!

Guys! guess what! Diane, Joseph (Toni & Guy) and Fiona, (my BT - Beauty Team), are knock, knock, knocking on my door and are eager to start working on the VODKA girl! They arrived yesterday, and I can sense they are all set to doll me up!

After so many ooohs...and aaaahs... and closely inspecting my VODKA boots... they are set to go!!!

And now I have to go too! But not without giving you a heartfet VODKA kiss....

I am with you in spirit, and I feel you are too!

Love you all!


Sunday, May 18, 2008

The VODKA Girl.... Ready to rock!

Phew! OUR 2ND REHEARSAL IS OVER! I really enjoyed myself on stage! I tell you! Wish these 3 minutes lasted longer!

I have just changed into a fabulous evening gown and I am soon off to the Mayor's welcome party..... I had a pic taken which I am posting here together with a couple of others from our press conference!!!!
Yesterday, I met Dana International, and Verka Sedushka... They are really great, and they love the VODKA Girl!

Thanks to all my local and international fans who are giving me their postive feedback! You make all this so special for me guys! Like I said many times before... I want you all to be part of my experience!

OOOooops! I have to get going... my limo has just arrived.


V O D K A G I R L! xxxxx

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Na Zdarovye!

Hello again!

Wow! I have so much to tell you and so little time!

Right now I am getting ready to rush off to the studios of one of the biggest journals here in Serbia - "ALO". I am told they have chosen the three prettiest women in Eurovision, and I am one of them: It is Charlotte Perelli from Sweden, Kalomoira from Greece, and your VODKA GIRL!

Yesterday was a hectic day. I gave a series of interviews, and all the international fans were really nice to me. They had very good comments about the act in general. We were even chosen by the people of "Shabbat" (hope I got the spelling correct!) as their favourite song... so we were invited to Shabbat yesterday evening and I performed VODKA together with my dancers in an open air arena. The show was transmitted live here, and via satellite to Bosnia!

After that we we went to "shake shake, shake" at the Greek/Cypriot party! It was a great night, and I was asked to perform my song at the party!

It's getting late for my photo shoot, so can't keep this very long. I hope you understand that here things are happening every second! I took some photos for you but my laptop crashed, so until it is fixed I am using another one. However, I will try to post those photos as soon as I can!

We have our 2nd rehearsal on Sunday - tomorrow - so I am looking forward to that!

Sending you all my love from Belgrade!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Voice Of a DarK Agent! - VODKA!

Hello everybody! This is your VODKA girl form Serbia!

It is amazing over here! I am really enjoying myself! Had my very first dress rehearsal this afternoon and all went well! There were a couple of shots which need changing but the over all impression was great! My dancers are transmitting so much energy, and I am missing the audience in the hall! I can't wait to have a live audience... who is going to VODKA with me.

We checked out the costumes.... and I rehearsed in my VODKA boots! The boots are all made out of mirrors - designed by the author of my song - Gerard James Borg - to compliment the entire outfit Ernest has designed for me! The mirrors were imported from Norway escpecially for us! So Hey! Hey! Hey! Na zdarovye!
We had a great press conference, and it was heartwarming to meet some of my fans! We had a lot of postive feedback so I am very happy! Of course there are some excellent songs competing in my semi final too!

I'm in a big rush right now... so have to go.... but I will be back soon! Hey! Hey! Hey! Thanks for all the support!


Monday, May 12, 2008

A heartfelt open letter to all my Fans xxxx

Dear Fans,

I am almost finished with my packing, and squeezing clothes into my suitcase – It’s a big suitcase, but I’ve got loads of clothes and shoes to take with me! (Ever told you I own over 120 pairs of shoes?).

I felt I wanted to share these last moments with you. After all, I owe all this to the people of Malta and Gozo. I am here because you wanted me, and now I will do my best to make you proud. This for me has been a dream…. Now the six-year-old girl who danced with a broomstick in front of the mirror, can take the stage in Belgrade and make her dream come true!

To all my local and international fans… a heartfelt Thank you! These last few months have been an amazing experience for me, and I owe this to the people around me who strived to help this dream of mine come true! Tomorrow I will set foot on the plane, and I will “fly on the wings of love” to Belgrade, and continue living on this beautiful experience. It is Beautiful…because you have made it beautiful for me; All those lovely messages, and the warmth and love you surrounded me with when I met you on the streets, and when I was over in London at the Eurovision Preview Party.

I look forward to come back to you all and experience some lovely moments together. After all this is Eurovision. It is a feast of universal music, and many colourful nations cheering together under one sky! Right now… This is where I want to be! Right now… I want to feel that love one more time – and I want to transmit so much energy back to you when I am on that stage!

Thank you for the support you have shown…
Thank you for making me your Morena…
Thank you for the enthusiasm and the energy you make me feel when I sing to you.
Above all THANK YOU for sharing this dream with me day by day, by day, by day….

I look forward to see you all in Belgrade…. And please, please… Give me your energy and love… and I promise… your VODKA Girl will give you an amazing, and energetic Eurovision experience.

A very warm VODKA hug…SEE you all….. and HEAR you all….!
Let the party begin!!!!

Morenita! xxxx


Here we go again.... !

M xxxx

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Good morning Sweeties!

Your VODKA girl is up and kickin' and voila!.... yet another teaser for you!

Hey! Hey! Hey! Na Zdarovye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

SPY 1 meets SPY 2.. SPY3.. SPY 4.. SPY 5

Hello everybody!
I'm ready for today! Well almost! I need to get ready for a TV show though I am drained out! I need to get something in my stomach soon, but I could not resist popping by and posting some pictures for you!

Had an early start to my day! Driving around to run the very last errands, and then collecting some stuff (!!!!) from Gerard's, and then off to Philip to catch up with my Na Zdarovye Guys!

Thomas (Spy 4)
Nik (Spy 5)
Dan (Spy 3)
Markus (Spy 2)

Yeah! My very own secret agents imported from Sweden!

AnnaBelle, my vocalist was also at the studio, and we rehearsed the song together for some time! The first rehearsal went really well! In the photo you see some of the dancers, and the guy in the photograph with me is Thomas Bernstem who is in charge of the choreography!

I'm off to get a quick bite now (mmmmm.... loving the idea of a chicken salad!), and then continue with my day!

Tomorrow I've got an early wake up call!
VODKA kisses to you all!


On the run! Phew! But I didn't forget you! Here is your VODKA Teaser for Day 3! Off for a fitting... off for a quick meeting... catching up with my makeup artist... hairdresser.... the swedish dancers.... spinning around"
Kisses! M
see you SOON!

Friday, May 9, 2008


Here we go ! Something more to tease your imagination!


xxx M

Thursday, May 8, 2008


V O D K A - T E A S E R - ONE
Hello! I'm back...and sooner than you expected me to!

This is going to be an exciting week! I'm meeting up with my dancers from Sweden this weekend and TODAY marks the start of the VODKA TEASER COUNTDOWN!

I will be posting a new teaser-pic every day! Just so all of you can get a hint of what is going on with my VODKA outfit! And the VODKA act!

So here is the first teaser pic for you all!

Loads of VODKA kisses, energy, and love!

Morena xxxx

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lordi .... and I

A quick message to all my fans, whislt I wait in the foyer of a five star hotel for my last interview for the day! (phew!)

Yesterday I got a call from Finland! It was not Mr Lordi (not yet!)... but a Finnish journalist who is doing a story about me and Lordi for one of the newspapers in Finland! We were on the phone for almost an hour, and he turned out to be one of the greatest guys I have ever "met." So, in the next weeks my interview will hit the Finnish media, and I can just see Mr Lordi getting all excited about our "duet together!" And when that happens... it will be just as explosive as the pyros they used in 2006!

Oooops! I see someone approaching, looking rather lost... but I have a feeling he is looking for me. My last interview for the day and then I'm off to pamper my skin with some essential oils and just relax..... Maybe, I will switch on my DVD player and watch a past edition of the Eurovision Song Contest ...... Maybe, I'll just have a power-nap!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Final countdown....

I know! I know! I know!

I have been off this blog for some days but right now I am absolutely snowed down with stuff! Meetings never stop, and my phone keeps ringing endlessly unless I switch it off! What’s new? :)

Yesterday I had a day of rehearsals at the studio, and I also met up with my backing vocalist to discuss a couple of things! We did a couple of sessions together and all went well! Next thing I know, I was being driven to my hairdresser (Joseph from Toni & Guy), and together with his team we discussed various options for the VODKA hair-do! Finally we reached a decision! So hey, things are moving rapidly now, and as the last days kick in, all seems to be moving in the right direction.

The outfit is almost ready! Just a few minor details and it’s done! Hurrah! And I am really, really happy with the outcome. I even had a look at what the dancers will wear and that was very nice too. Thanks to Ernest for his patience, and a special thanks to Gerard who has given a great contribution to my outfit…... Hmmmm…. You will understand why, once you see EVERYTHING…..!!!!!!!! :)

This weekend I will be meeting my dancers/vocalists for some serious rehearsing and we are all determined to sweat it out from the break of dawn! So, I suppose, I should keep a power bar handy! I can imagine that all around Europe 42 other performers are all caught up in the same frenzy I am in! It’s part of the package, but it is also a once in a lifetime experience I am certainly enjoying! I feel privileged to represent my country and feel like a winner just by flying the flag for Malta. Like I said in various interviews before…….. come what may!

My mobile is going crazy again! Gotta run!
I’ll be back VERY soon though…. xxx