Monday, May 12, 2008

A heartfelt open letter to all my Fans xxxx

Dear Fans,

I am almost finished with my packing, and squeezing clothes into my suitcase – It’s a big suitcase, but I’ve got loads of clothes and shoes to take with me! (Ever told you I own over 120 pairs of shoes?).

I felt I wanted to share these last moments with you. After all, I owe all this to the people of Malta and Gozo. I am here because you wanted me, and now I will do my best to make you proud. This for me has been a dream…. Now the six-year-old girl who danced with a broomstick in front of the mirror, can take the stage in Belgrade and make her dream come true!

To all my local and international fans… a heartfelt Thank you! These last few months have been an amazing experience for me, and I owe this to the people around me who strived to help this dream of mine come true! Tomorrow I will set foot on the plane, and I will “fly on the wings of love” to Belgrade, and continue living on this beautiful experience. It is Beautiful…because you have made it beautiful for me; All those lovely messages, and the warmth and love you surrounded me with when I met you on the streets, and when I was over in London at the Eurovision Preview Party.

I look forward to come back to you all and experience some lovely moments together. After all this is Eurovision. It is a feast of universal music, and many colourful nations cheering together under one sky! Right now… This is where I want to be! Right now… I want to feel that love one more time – and I want to transmit so much energy back to you when I am on that stage!

Thank you for the support you have shown…
Thank you for making me your Morena…
Thank you for the enthusiasm and the energy you make me feel when I sing to you.
Above all THANK YOU for sharing this dream with me day by day, by day, by day….

I look forward to see you all in Belgrade…. And please, please… Give me your energy and love… and I promise… your VODKA Girl will give you an amazing, and energetic Eurovision experience.

A very warm VODKA hug…SEE you all….. and HEAR you all….!
Let the party begin!!!!

Morenita! xxxx


carmel said...

Good luck, deserve to be a winner. We're proud of you. Gozo and Malta deserve having you an their 'ambassador'! Keep it up.

krista said...

Go Morena :D Ur gonna be great :) I wishh u all the luck and no matter what happens you will still be our Morena.. Our Vodka Girl... :D

odelsie123 said...

Bon Voyage!!Ahna ghamilna ghazla tajba li ghazilna lilek u nafu li inti ha taghti iktar minn 100% gewwa s-Serbja.Prosit tal-karattru sabih li ghandek u ibqa umli kif inti.Hu gost is-Serbja specjalment dawk it-3 minuti ta fuq il-palk.Nawguralek! Give Serbia some of your Vodka Energy!Sahha!:)

musicfun81 said...

best of luck!!! i'm sure ur gonna be a blast on the nite!
am organsing a semi final party at home and i'll be looking forward for ur performance!! fingers crossed!!
andrew ("inti multi")from london!!!

Daniel Muscat said...

Nawguralek hafna, specjalment issa li minn ghada tibda bir-rehearsals!!! jien ha nkun qed nissapportjak, u cert li l-maltin kollha warajk, jigri x'jigri!

Marvin said...

Good luck and keep it up with your career. Vodka.

leanne said...

morena please can you reveal what are you going to wear because we are so curious.bdw your first performance was exellent but can you make some more moves on stage and shake your hair .and move on stage .those were some of my opinions so you will make the arena go wild.