Saturday, May 10, 2008

SPY 1 meets SPY 2.. SPY3.. SPY 4.. SPY 5

Hello everybody!
I'm ready for today! Well almost! I need to get ready for a TV show though I am drained out! I need to get something in my stomach soon, but I could not resist popping by and posting some pictures for you!

Had an early start to my day! Driving around to run the very last errands, and then collecting some stuff (!!!!) from Gerard's, and then off to Philip to catch up with my Na Zdarovye Guys!

Thomas (Spy 4)
Nik (Spy 5)
Dan (Spy 3)
Markus (Spy 2)

Yeah! My very own secret agents imported from Sweden!

AnnaBelle, my vocalist was also at the studio, and we rehearsed the song together for some time! The first rehearsal went really well! In the photo you see some of the dancers, and the guy in the photograph with me is Thomas Bernstem who is in charge of the choreography!

I'm off to get a quick bite now (mmmmm.... loving the idea of a chicken salad!), and then continue with my day!

Tomorrow I've got an early wake up call!
VODKA kisses to you all!


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andy rosiak said...

ooh ive seen the photos and im expectin a black leather outfit with buckles!! am i right??? my gosh i cant wait.........andy x