Monday, May 26, 2008

Thank you for the Music!!!!!!

Hello darlings!

I just woke up to a new day, and the sun is shining on my skin as I sit here on a lovely terrace in Gozo.... blogging away with new found energy! (after some well deserved sleep!!!)

It has been a long, long way to Serbia, with a lot of work, and a lot of stress thrown inbetween... But every minute, every second has been worth it! It was an amazing experience for me and my entire team, and I am glad to take all the positive out of this experience!

Of course, it has been disappointing not to make it through to the finals, but this is Eurovision! We all know that it can be extremely unpredictable with no guarantees at all! There is only one winner after all! But oh! I am just drowning in messages from fans (local and foreign)requesting my song! I am told VODKA is on heavy rotation in Russia and Ukraine, and some offers have poured in from other countries! Wow!

The most emotional moment for me, besides performing VODKA on stage to an audience that seemed to have gone hysteric when I walked on stage - was the Green Room Moment! :) I just could not believe my own ears when I heard people shouting out "MALTA...MALTA!" when the very last envelope was left! I thought I actually imagined all this, until a couple of hours later... the press in Serbia told me what was happening in the arena, and realized that I had actually heard correctly!

I'd like to thank my ENTIRE team! You know who you are, and a big heartfelt THANK YOU for everything you have done, and for believing in me!

Every end has a new begining.... and every begining has a more challenging goal!

For those of you who might have thought I will give up.... I want to let you know that this is only the begining.... and that I have every intention to ride the waves and venture into new and more exciting opportunities.


I am a fighter...

I will be back...

Just be patient and watch out for the Volcano to errupt ..... again!

THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Na Zdarovye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you all!

Morena xxx


Claudio C said...

I wish I am like positive and cute....(whwn expressing your self)

Lara said...

im very happy you didnt see this as the end of your music experiences as its definitely not!! keep on beliving in yourself as remember that people believe in you!! one thing i would like to say is that i admire you for the courage shown and the vodka energy throughout all your experience!! take care xxxx

Anonymous said...

You did a gr8 performance...well done and hope that in the future you will represent malta again :) btw keep up your gr8 looks and voice pupa :) xxx

Chris said...

nice morena =] good luck for your future, fighter =]

Grazzi =]

Daniel said...

Are you going to launch an ALBUM????

ilona said...

Aw Morena,

How's life? L-ewwel nett nixtieq nejdlek proset kbira ta nar l-hamis ax hrigt vera bomba u fqajtu l-palk u int qajjimta l-atmosfera go l-arena!!!
Adni kif qrajt l-mesag tijak u vera nammirak ax ma taqtax qalbek u kuragguza!!!
Ibqa sejra hekk halli nergaw narawk al Eurovision iehor b'xi diska bomba bhal VODKA!!
Minn aw nixtieqlek GOOD LUCK KBIRA al futur u l-karriera tijak VODKA GIRL!!
Na zdarovye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Caw Caw!!

Portugal! said...


how are you?I'm portuguese!you did it well!I love your vodka's song!

You are very very animated and beautiful!

please answer my comment!****

Portugal! said...


how are you?I'm portuguese!you did it well!I love your vodka's song!

You are very very animated and beautiful!

please answer my comment!****

ilona said...

Aw Morena,

How's life? L-ewwel nett nixtieq nejdlek proset tassew ta nar il-hamis ax vera hright bomba u fqajtu palk u kont int li qajjimta l-atmosfera fl-arena!!!
Adni kif qrajt l-mesag tijak u vera nammirak ax ma taqtax qalbek u kuragguza, kompli sejra ek halli nergaw narawk al Eruovision iehor b'xi diska bomba bhal VODKA!!!
Minn aw nixtieq nawguralek GOOD LUCK KBIRA al futur u l-karriera tijak u ejja ha nisimaw aktar diski minn tijak VODKA GIRL hi!!!!!
Ibqa sejra halli tamilna proud bit-talet malti u ghawdxi!!
Na zdarovye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Caw Caw xxxxx

Dave:D said...

Hello Mrs. Vodka!!! huuuu... Mrs Morena!
How feel you after yout brilliant performance? Very fine, I hope!
I liked the music and your choreography!! Original enough:D
What means "Na zdarovye"? You say this expression a lot of times, but I'm not Maltese... hehe, I'm Portuguese!!
I hope you will have a brilliant career than singer, you have a very strong voice!
You "are a fighter"!
You "will be back"!
And I say: You are a very beautiful singer!!! ;)

kisses and good luck for your career!:)Congratulations!

Vodka said...

Bniedem Posittiv imexxi, u int ser tmexxi!!!!!!

maria said...

Just to congratulate you not only for amazing performanca (with your energy I was proud of being Gozitan and Maltese) but also to the way you reacted to the result. You proved how positive you are and gave a message that we should enjoy life no matter what. Hope we hear you from you in the near future. May God bless you. Take care

Thomas Bajada said...

Tal-genn Morena - Prosit hafna ghax ghamilt performance tal-genn........ Anke jekk ma ghaddejtx ghall-finali xorta wahda ghalija qisek irbaht il-eurovision.... L-ghawndxin qawwijin u ghad li terga titla ghall-eurovision.. Prosit Hafna u Good Luck ghal futur .. Na Zdarovye

Thomas Bajada - Xlendi GHAWDEX!!!!


Ivan said...

Hey Hey Hey Hey............
Welldone Morena
Glad to hear that this is not the end for your career as you have so much to offer.
Hope to see you again in future Malta song festivals cause you have what it takes girl.............and thats COURAGExxx

Daniel Muscat said...

Proset hafna ta l-attitudni posittiva tieghek! Nammirak hafna

Mariusz said...

Great voice, great song and a beautiful woman. :) I'm waiting for Your first album. Greetings from Poland!

annabelle said...

hey morena!!...kif int hij?? nispera li tajjba :D:D

nixtieq najdlek proset u keep up your great work!! GOODLUCK for your future..

Na zdarovye!!!!


Borna said...

well was great...don't time i wish you more luck:)

greets from croatia

ErikH said...

That's the spirit, lovely Vodka Girl. Hope to hear your great voice again. I voted for you.

Na zdarovye is Russian, dave:d. It's a useful expression when you enjoy a vodka.