Saturday, May 17, 2008

Na Zdarovye!

Hello again!

Wow! I have so much to tell you and so little time!

Right now I am getting ready to rush off to the studios of one of the biggest journals here in Serbia - "ALO". I am told they have chosen the three prettiest women in Eurovision, and I am one of them: It is Charlotte Perelli from Sweden, Kalomoira from Greece, and your VODKA GIRL!

Yesterday was a hectic day. I gave a series of interviews, and all the international fans were really nice to me. They had very good comments about the act in general. We were even chosen by the people of "Shabbat" (hope I got the spelling correct!) as their favourite song... so we were invited to Shabbat yesterday evening and I performed VODKA together with my dancers in an open air arena. The show was transmitted live here, and via satellite to Bosnia!

After that we we went to "shake shake, shake" at the Greek/Cypriot party! It was a great night, and I was asked to perform my song at the party!

It's getting late for my photo shoot, so can't keep this very long. I hope you understand that here things are happening every second! I took some photos for you but my laptop crashed, so until it is fixed I am using another one. However, I will try to post those photos as soon as I can!

We have our 2nd rehearsal on Sunday - tomorrow - so I am looking forward to that!

Sending you all my love from Belgrade!



Jng said...

yeah well done morena :) u were simply great and here we are all after you in whatever u do!!

warm hugs from Gozo

Vodka said...

Have fun Ms Pretty

VoDkA said...

hey morena you are doing a great job and bdw are you going to were a harmness???

maria_brincat said...

Hi Morena.
I'm Maria from Malta and I must say we're very proud of you and very happy for you!! I wish you luck and all the best! You have a very bright future infront of you! Have a wonderful VODKA time on stage! :D
Multa u Ghawdex warojk! :D
Bye! :D

Lara said...

hey morena! just saw ure massive 2nd rehersal!! loadzzz of energy =) =) congratzzz for the photoshoot!!! great hard working tema this year i believe!! good luck for all and keep up the good work!! the maltese people made a great choice in the maltasong this year :) take care and enjoy this experience to the full!! xxxx

andy rosiak said...

Hey Morena,

sounds like you are having a great time - excellent!! And of course, you are the best looking lady in Eurovision2008 (charlotte perelli - really??? she looks like she has had a lot of surgery, weird) Oh i shouldnt be mean - sorry!!

Having a big party for the semi final this week - i have 30 people coming to my house - and my pre-party requirement is that everyone has to vote for you!!! he he, im doing my bit!!! xx

emslr said...

Hi Sweet Morena,wishing you lots of good luck and good time while you're at it.Never doubt for a second that you're VODKA with a few because Malta and Gozo are behind you.LOVE FROM SENGLEA MALTA.RINA