Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Final countdown....

I know! I know! I know!

I have been off this blog for some days but right now I am absolutely snowed down with stuff! Meetings never stop, and my phone keeps ringing endlessly unless I switch it off! What’s new? :)

Yesterday I had a day of rehearsals at the studio, and I also met up with my backing vocalist to discuss a couple of things! We did a couple of sessions together and all went well! Next thing I know, I was being driven to my hairdresser (Joseph from Toni & Guy), and together with his team we discussed various options for the VODKA hair-do! Finally we reached a decision! So hey, things are moving rapidly now, and as the last days kick in, all seems to be moving in the right direction.

The outfit is almost ready! Just a few minor details and it’s done! Hurrah! And I am really, really happy with the outcome. I even had a look at what the dancers will wear and that was very nice too. Thanks to Ernest for his patience, and a special thanks to Gerard who has given a great contribution to my outfit…... Hmmmm…. You will understand why, once you see EVERYTHING…..!!!!!!!! :)

This weekend I will be meeting my dancers/vocalists for some serious rehearsing and we are all determined to sweat it out from the break of dawn! So, I suppose, I should keep a power bar handy! I can imagine that all around Europe 42 other performers are all caught up in the same frenzy I am in! It’s part of the package, but it is also a once in a lifetime experience I am certainly enjoying! I feel privileged to represent my country and feel like a winner just by flying the flag for Malta. Like I said in various interviews before…….. come what may!

My mobile is going crazy again! Gotta run!
I’ll be back VERY soon though…. xxx


Daniel Muscat said...

Nifmhuk li tkun busy hafna bhalissa dw! xtaqt iltqajt mieghek f'dan il weekend gewwa ghawdex imma qatt ma nzertajtek :( Insomma nispera li ha tkun liebsa xi haga simili tal maltasong for europe u nispera li xarek ikun semplici ghax hekk imur mad diska! insomma nhalli f'idejn l-esperti xD! gl Morena u sewwa tghid, come what may!

Shawn said...

issa mhux ahjar tibda ggorr naqa camera tar ritratti pls.....imbilli tihu xi pic ta xi hairstyle jew ta xi tarf tal-libsa mhux se tikxef hafna ta morenina!!!!!!anki taz-zeffina/vocals ta naccetawhom :p hehe cu u nispera li ma ndumux li nismaw minandek issa ta