Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hey! Hey! Hey! Live the party with me!

I just surfaced, and had a breakfast that should last me an entire day! Yesterday, we had the Maltese/Bulgarian/Belarusian party at the Euroclub, and we set the house on fire with some of the greatest Eurovision hits! We also had several guests coming over to perfom in our party, which include the performers from Russia, ukraine, Georgia, Cyprus..... We really had a good time together, and the highlight for me was watching all the fans jumping, and dancing to VODKA!

My dancers were at their energetic best, and it was quite something to see Philip and Gerard dancing to VODKA. :) Absolutely crazy!!!

Today, I thought I will go to the zoo together with 5 4 3 2 1 Marvin, (private joke!) , and my sister! This evening, I will relax and watch the 1st semi final!

Guys! guess what! Diane, Joseph (Toni & Guy) and Fiona, (my BT - Beauty Team), are knock, knock, knocking on my door and are eager to start working on the VODKA girl! They arrived yesterday, and I can sense they are all set to doll me up!

After so many ooohs...and aaaahs... and closely inspecting my VODKA boots... they are set to go!!!

And now I have to go too! But not without giving you a heartfet VODKA kiss....

I am with you in spirit, and I feel you are too!

Love you all!



anastasia said...

i wish i was there :) i wish u luck ;)

Anonymous said...

Good Luck for Tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

Krista said...

So today is the day... i wish u all the luck u nhallu f'idejn il-bambin... as u say... so rock the stage this evening and whatever happens all maltese and gozitans are right behind u :)


Daniel Muscat said...


Tonio Galea said...

Just Came In To Say A BIG GOOD LUCK!!! Just saw the dress reherseal of yesterday and it was almost perfect just more energy from you and it will be perfect but the rest is good :):) can't wait for tonight I will blow up my speakers as I hear VODKA LOL. byebye see you take care and GOOD LUCK

marmar said...

Good luck Morena!!! We all the Maltese and Gozitans are all right behind you! We're all very proud of you we'll remain proud of you no matter the result!! You make us proud to have such a talented person representing us! Good luck God bless

Maria xx

Pavel Ilyin said...

Hello from Russia! thank you for nice song :)

Morena, wish you to be #1. Welcome to Moscow.

U nas ne tolko vodka est, priezzhai posmotri na Kremlin :)

Pavel Ilyin said...

hello from Russia !
Thank you for nice song, wish you to be#1 :)
Welcome to Moscow!

Priezhai posmotri na kremlin, arbat, Rossia eto ne tolko vodka :)

Daniel Muscat said...

Avolja m'addejtx, ghadni kburi bik, u kuntent hafna li fil Malta Song For Europe kont wiehed milli vvutajtlek! Kont warajk mill-bidu nett! thallix din il-haga tkissrek u tinheba bhal ma gara s-sena l-ohra! Nispera li nibqghu narawk!!! MORENA WE LOVE YOU!! int dejjem kont tghid come what may, u gie rizultat hazin, izda dan ma jirrifletti xejn it-talent tieghek! Kun kburija bik innifsek li rnexxielek tasal s'hemm diga bizzejjed. Hemm hafna li jixtiequ jaslu sa fejn wasalt int (fhostom jien lol)! Ibqa ahdem halli tirnexxi!!!

Stefan said...

memx xtaghmel morena great show better luck next time. :) u made us proud. :)

Vodka said...

mhux sew li Malta m'ghaddietx, fuq kollox is-sala jekk smajt sew Malta bdiet taghajjat!!!!! :'(
Xorta Morena tibqa kantanta, din kienet kompetizzjoni biss, bla kompetizzjoni Morena wkoll taf taghmel success!!!!!! :)

vodka_fan said...

Hey Morenita!

I wanted to tell you what a FABULOUS performance that was!! You had so much energy up on the stage, I got goosebumps just watching! You have an incredible voice and I know you did your very best! Don't let the fact that we didn't make it to the finals put you back, I think you know very well that that happened due to the fact that we are a very small country, and we have no proper neighbours. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed watching you, and please remember that in our hearts, you ARE a winner!

Lots and lots of love,
Kelly xxxxxx

Krista said...

eyy mor

We didnt make it to the final but it wasnt ur fault u wer gr8... amazinggg... fantastic... But its always d same... neighbours neighbours neighbours and we should get used to that now :) look on the bright side of it was ur dream and ur dream became true no matter what the result!
I should go to slp now... One last thing... We are still proud of our Vodka Girl and keep rocking on :)

Artur said...

cheer up! you were still the hottest girl on stage! better luck next time!

Atkins said...

Thanks for doing your best Morena! You did a great show on that stage!

Love from Malta n Gozo

Bunty said...

Well it's all over and I think they should rename the contest ''The EASTERN European Song Contest'!

Stejsii said...

Hi Morena, Whatever the end result, your beatiful performance and your enery where transmitted on stage. You still made us proud as being the person that represented us this year. I wish you all the best and I am sure that VODKA will be heard on every dancefloor this summer.

ginncan said...

Morena you rocked the stage!
I really really like you - you have such a pleasant personality, you're beautiful and most importantly one could sense that you are so easy to talk to and fun to be with. You're amazing and I am so happy you got to represent us.

wish you all the best for a great and wonderful future babe.

from a fellow Malteser :)
J :) xox

stef@n-music said...

morena although you did not make it to the final you still have a good voice

Des P Cable said...

Watched the Semi finals here in England, Best song of the competition! That's the first time I ever voted in Eurovision, the second would have been in the final.
Can't believe the result!

Des P Cable said...

Watched the semi finals here in England, best song of the competition.
That's the first time I ever voted in eurovision, the second would have been in the final!
I can't believe the result!

Svemocni said...

You are gorgeous, saw your performance Thursday and then downloaded the torrent file.


Do you know what a huriya is, it's a woman from Paradise. I am reminded of this whenever I see you

JD said...

Don't know if you will get to read this. This was only way I found possible to write to you!
I think yesterday (Friday night) you put up an excellent show, unfortunately Malta didn't move forward, but I hope you won't turn your head down as you have achieved much by getting here to Eurovision and kicking your way into international music industry's.
So lets take a glass of VODKA and drink for your achievments! ;D

Jānis from Latvia

M said...

You gave a great performance, but I think that it's time that Malta gives up trying to impress at the Eurovision...isn't it clear that it's all political voting? When songs like Portugal and Bosnia are passing through, it is crystal clear that people are not voting for the best songs (since those were pure crap). Anyways, don't take this loss personally. The Maltese population has a habit of putting lots of pressure on the eurovision contestants....just remember that if it was really based on talent, you would be singing tonight.

Daniel said...

You did a great job in the SEMI-FINAL,its a pity your not in the final.Don't worry about what people say about you,everyone said that you were FANTASTIC and we all love you!!.Me and other fans will love to if you release and album......GO NASTAROVJE!!!!

Daniel said...

You did a GREAT job MORENA!!!! we came 14th in the semi final not that bad.Great performance!

annabelle said...

heyy vodka girl :P!! kf int hi?? nispera li gd :D

proset xorta wahda tas sibt hij!!you were FATASTIC :D:D

morena u're d best!!


Sbrii said...

We're so proud of our VODKA GIRL! Hope for the best!