Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Come meet me in LONDON on April 25th!

Calling all Londoners!



As you probably all know by now I will be flying to London on the 25th April, and will perform with some other Eurovision artists at the trendy SCALA in central London!

I'm really looking froward to this event cause I heard there will be some cool things happening there and lots and lots of Eurovision fans will be flying their flags! I'd love to have the time to meet them all! Paddy O'connell, the popular UK commentator will be hosting the show - so I'm going to try and make him do the VODKA dance with me! Sssssssssssh!!!!!

OMG! The big question drills through my mind almost immediately: "What should I wear???" come on guys help me out! What colour do you want me in? Do you want your VODKA girl to look sexy, crazy, or simply wild? You've got to help me out here! :)

AND - to all my fans - I want you to come over and say hello and above all... I want to see you waving the Maltese flag!!!!!!! Ask more of your friends living in London to come over, and let's VODKA TOGETHER !!!!!! I want to hear you ! I want to see you go wild! Yeeeeeehaaaa! Let the party begin!!!!! It's going to be an Absolute Disco! Morena is ready - How about you?

Mmmm... this thing got me pretty excited already, so maybe I should just calm down now, and finish off my herbal tea and get going! Need to catch the ferry soon and go over for a meeting with some ladies. I'll be meeting the Prime minister's wife today, so I am set and ready clad in elegant, morning wear!

Once again, I call every Malteaser in London to come and meet me at Scala! Please pass on the word! AND, I am as thrilled to meet my lovely UK fans who have been showing me constant support throughout this journey! See you soon for an unforgettable VODKA experience!

Your one and only.... VODKA GIRL! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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musicfun81 said...

am soooooo looking forward!! adni ma xtrajtx it-tickets imma so looking forward!!

ilbes xi haga sexy hi!! what about the ice bustier!!

ser nipprova ingennen kemm nista maltin u ghawdxin hi!!

are you staying over for the w'end? hehe


drinu :)

Christiansaliba said...

Hi Morena Sorry I cant Make it to London cause I'm soon coming back to malta to join you in Serbia I'll Buzz with you There Don't worry ..See you soon Enjoy

posthuman said...

ejja morena ilbes xi haga wild u postja pics ta l-event ha narawk naqra

Schlagerboys said...

We'll be there with our Maltese flags!!!

andy rosiak said...

Hey hey,

Just got my tickets this afternoon....I CANT WAIT!!! I seriously am so happy you are coming to the uk, its going to be wild!

Lots of love x

Matthew Mallia said...

hey mar, listen you'll see me in london ta! i just need to book the ticket! heh i'm so looking foward to see you there! actually i wanted to go to this club, its my first time there so it will be more fun! Its one of the best clubs they say and i've been in others but its the best!

ACE said...

I meet you in Gozo about two years ago, and I knew you would go far, wishing you the best.

Frank USA