Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Trading places.....

Back with a bang!

After a balanced mix of TV shows, performances, meetings, and more interviews I finally get some time to dedicate to my blog and to all my lovely VODKA fans out there. So, I decided to surprise you with something you were not expecting. Something, as far as I know, no Eurovision artist has ever done before! I decided to switch roles with a couple of my fans and instead of them interviewing me, I wanted to interview them and check out what makes their pulse tick! I too need to quench my curiosities!
I started off with some of my most fervent fans: Ladies & Gentlemen… I give you the first Morena Interview – And Shouting it Out on the Hot seat this week…. The Fabulous Schlagerboys!

(M) Hello guys! Why are you so passionate about Eurovision in the first place?

(SB) Four words: glitter, glamour, wind-machines and key-changes! Plus the UK music scene is rubbish and Eurovision is the only place to get good pop music these days!

(M) You were one of the very first to support my song, even before I won the Maltese finals! What’s so special about VODKA (the song!), that has made you write so much about it, and about me?

(SB) “Vodka” is fun, has attitude and doesn’t take itself too seriously… and you’ve got fabulous hair! “Caravaggio” was good too but it was all a bit serious and Claudia didn’t smile during her performance. You obviously enjoy jumping around the stage! And we do too!

(M) Which past Maltese entry would you perform on the Eurovision stage had you been given the chance? Would you do it differently?

(SB) “On Again Off Again”. Although we’d be fighting over who would be Julie.

(M) I can understand that will take a couple of hours for you to reach a compromise! How do you imagine my VODKA performance in Serbia ? How would YOU do it!

(SB) Coming down from the ceiling on a wire and running round stage doing lots of Charlie’s Angels poses and high kicks… There’d be plenty of hunky backing dancers lifting you up and doing backflips! That sort of thing…

(M) Sounds good! Your favourite all-time Eurovision entry, and one you can’t stand listening to?

(SB) Two favourites:
“Invincible” (Sweden 2006) for the wind-machine, key-change and fabulous chorus. Not forgetting the strutting round stage and the flag-waving.
“Det Lige Det” ( Denmark 1984) because Dame Kirsten Siggaard is a Eurovision legend and that echoey key-change was a seminal moment in the Schlagerboys’ young lives…

(M) I’ve been told you are fans of the Borg-Vella songs. Any particular reason?

(SB) They always have good tunes and have fabulous key-changes. (Although we’re still waiting for Philip and Gerard to put the key-change into “Vodka”)

(M) Besides being fans of the Maltese Islands , I know you are also fans of anything related to Sweden . Give me 3 things you like best about Malta , and 3 things you like best about Sweden ….



“It Hurts”

It’s all about the music for the Schlagerboys! But Malta has got a fabulous Absolut Vodka Bar at the Intercontinental Hotel in St George’s Bay too.

(M) And now the big question: You have a magic wand and can decide where Eurovision 2009 will be…. Where and why?

(SB) Valletta darling !!! Or Stockholm , obviously!

(M) Some sunshine would be great wouldn't it!!! If you had to be a Eurovision performer for just one day – who would you be, and why?

(SB) Carola, because she’s the queen of Eurovision and we’d have people driving us round in limousines and opening doors for us all day. And we’d have great teeth too.

(M) What would you choose between; A) A high-flying Eurovision related job with the EBU which does not pay so much but gets you to meet all the stars and breathe Eurovision 365 days a year - OR – B) Performing the 2009 entry for the United Kingdom as the Schlagerboys – OR – C) Becoming really close friends with Madonna and Paris Hilton (which would include perks like shopping in Milan together, VIP parties, making use of their mansions, etc).

(SB) Definitely B. There’d be two key-changes, costume changes galore and Dames Nicki French and Cheryl Baker on backing vocals. Obviously we’d win too.

(M) I'm sure you will scoop up every douze available! Now.... Beauty, Fame, or your Sanity? Which would you choose?

(SB) We’d always choose schlager!

(M) How bad are you from 1 to 10?

(SB) So bad we’re very, very good!

(M) Finally! Any message to the readers of my blog?

(SB) Keep the schlager faith! And if you’re Maltese – vote for Sweden ! If you’re Swedish – vote for Malta !


Clare said...

Morena, you're a good singer, however the song "Vodka" is kinda crap. It has no catchy beat, no catchy rhythm, and stupid lyrics. People can't even sing along to the song while they're in the car or the shower, because the only word one will remember or understand from the song is "vodka". I predict you will do badly in the Eurovision - but it's not your fault, it's the song. It's shit.

musicfun81 said...

hehehehe, loved this blog
morena tird tkun hi
cu in london
drew :)

acoustika said...

I beg to differ from your comments Clare. You should have at least had the decency to state that what you are saying is just an opinion of yours. And a poorly informed opinion at that. Vodka has a VERY CATCHY BEAT and RHYTHM and a very CATCHY MELODY! You are wrong Clare - and this is not just an unfounded opinion!

andy rosiak said...


I have to say, the fact you spent all that time finding Morenas blog, reading it, and posting that comment says a lot more about you as a person than anything at all about your post. I think constructive comments are great - indeed ive posted before that i thought the performance of vodka that won Morena the malta final needs to be improved (the dancers actually DETRACT from the song,as the choreography is so messy) but your comment has no substence at all. Anyway each to their own, but I personally feel Morena will do very well in the contest. Plus if you read her blog, she seems like a genuinely nice person who is currently living a dream! Good for her x

Claudio C said...

I have a feeling that we have a cance to win this year....I HOPE SO!!!!

Claudio C said...

see this...
i did it for advertising vodka

Daniel Muscat said... . niehu hafna gost jekk tara dan il video li jien ghamilt biex niehu sehem bih fil competition Be A Winner tal thanks u proset hafna morena! inhobbuk hafna