Saturday, April 5, 2008

Mirror Mirror on the wall......

..............Who is the fairest of them all……………….!!!

In the midst of all the up and coming Eurovision preparations, I was invited by rising Maltese Super Diva – Jo Zette to join her, and Frankie Quatromani, at the SKY club in Paceville on the 18th April! Now tell me – can you say “NO!” to Jo Zette???

As you all know Jo Zette was a semi finalist in the 2nd phase of the past Malta Song for Europe Contest with the song “CATWALK”.
When she rang to ask me to perform with her at SKY, I was rather apprehensive – but she sweet-talked me into it, and once I met her she turned out to be an adorable lady of Pleasure and leisure! However, she insisted I will be introduced as her “warm up act”, and rattled on about her future song projects! It seems, the lady of Pleasure and leisure will be performing her outrageous “CATWALK” song, and if I remember correctly, an additional two songs that sound rather interesting: “My Boobs don’t lie”, and “Big IS Beautiful”.

I can reveal that Jo zette and moi are preparing a nice surprise for those present! Won’t say too much about it, but it all looks like it is going to be big fun on the 18th, so hoping to see you all there!

I’ve heard through the grapevine that Jo Zette is preparing some fabulous dresses, so I really have to worry about what to wear! I don’t think it would be nice if your VODKA Girl is outshined by Jo Zette! I’ve noticed the lady has got a dangerous, competitive streak hidden behind the tons of green eye-shadow, and lip gloss!

Looking forward to the evening!

Hmmm! Now, I better shake my act and continue with my day!
Kiss! Kiss!


Shawn said...

May I ask what were you doing, writing the blog at 4 in the morning? you should have been sleeping.......or you're preparing something else for us?

After the April Fool's joke on the Ice Bustier, you should show us something least the fabric you'll be using.....unless you don't want to show us the sketch Ernest did for the dress :)

Vodka said...

I guess vodka is effecting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch the first part of this clip
(this is someone that has experienced this)
"I wake up at 1 in the afternoon and I drink VODKA, VODKA, VODKA & VODKA..................................VODKA and then go to bed at 4 in the morning"

Schlagerboys said...

Hope you're coming to the UK for the Eurovision preview party on 25th April!!!!

mellehija said...

Hello morena,I have been a fan of yours since i heared you sing live at a friends wedding. You were great.The first time i heared Vodka i liked the song and thought this is a winning song.It had to be with Philip Vella behind it. Melliehi hux..... Good luck to all the team. Go and make us proud.

musicfun81 said...

sbejha, ill kemm jin kuntent li gejja tkanta londra hi!! quddiem ha nkun naqbez u inverzaq!! kemm ser nipprova ingennen maltin biex jigu!! niltaqaw?
drinu :)