Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"Hej Sverige! Är ni redo för VODKA?"

Hello everybody!

You might have noticed the heading of my blog today is in Swedish! But that’s not because I’m moving to Stockholm or anything! Today my blog is being linked to one of the most famous Swedish Eurovision sites – Gylleneskor! So, I thought it would only be appropriate to greet the Swedish readers in their language!

This year Malta seems to have a Swedish connection! We will be having a Maltese- Swedish team in Serbia, and incidentally, the new Eurovision version of VODKA was remixed and mastered in one of the best studios in Stockholm by Ronny Lahti. The latter has worked with some of the best international artists which include Roxette and Europe. Aboard the production team was Philip Vella, Sean Vella, and Thomas G:son. (Thanks guys for a fantastic job!).

Allow me also to take the opportunity and officially thank ALL the international Eurovision websites who have been covering our news, and all those journalists who have made contact and requested interviews! I am answering every question you are sending no matter how naughty it is! And to all you fans of mine, which I now prefer to call you “Friends” – thanks for the lovely comments you send me each day!

Well, am I sounding too emotional? Maybe I should stop. This was a blog about Sweden, after all! So have a great day! And we will talk again soooooooooon!



odelsieesc said...

HEy Vodka Girl!How you doin?
Prosit ta dik ic-cajta tal-bierah lol.I can't wait for May to see you rocking Serbia and the whole Europe!You Go Girl!Ahna nissaportjawk u nibqghu nissaportjawk ikun xi jkun ir-rizultat!
Gd luck hij!

raymond said...

Hi Morena,i wrote to you last month about you helping me get vodka on cd and an autographed photograph,you emailed me back saying i was to remember you .is this okay?You will win eurovision for sure. Thank you RAYMOND MUNDT,87 KYLEAKIN ROAD,ARDEN,GLASGOW,G46 8DY,SCOTLAND,UNITED KINGDOM.