Monday, April 21, 2008

Living life, the VODKA way!

Oh! The closer it gets the more hectic things get! :) I'm blogging away waiting for more journalists to arrive. I've had a live radio interview today, and in 5 minutes I've got an interview with one of the major newspapers in Malta! It's going to be one of those tell-it-all things, and I'm wondering what they will ask about! I've been asked how my dress will be.... who will be on stage with me..... if I will come down from the ceiling....whether I will have ice on stage... Is it true that Mr Lordi is coming to Serbia to support me? Yeah, all questions that need an answer I suppose!

Last weekend, I had the time of my life at the Sky club with Josette. She is truly a talented Lady of Pleasure in more ways than one! I'm sure she would be a worthy representive of Malta one day! I managed to get a photo done, and here you can watch us both performing "Sisters, do it for themselves." I wish I was good enough to do a little video clip of our performance, but I'm not good with these high tech gadgets, so I will leave it to your imagination.

Rehearsals are underway! I will tell you more about them soon. I will also be posting a couple of teasers for you to enjoy soon.... Just so you can get a glimpse of what is going on!

As you probably realize from this post I'm a little bit stressed with time today. It won't be a minute before my door bell rings and the journalists show up with their laptops, eager for information! So, I'll have to get going!

Oh - One last thing! I will be starting the GO mobile tour this week. Any of you who would like to meet me and say "Hello" I will be visiting Go Mobile outlets and signing autographs as from today! And so goes the life of your VODKA girl! :)




Daniel Muscat said...

Hmmm andek il-competition lol! thabbata mijak f'kollox anka fis sbuhija :P:P

Vodka said...

who's the most stunning??????!!!!!!