Monday, March 24, 2008

Just to say -----------

I'm back!

I feel a little bit guilty I have been away so long after the video clip launch but I have been snowed down to the max (as usual, right!?). Hope you all had a fantastic Easter and ate to your heart's content! I'm GUILTY of that too! I quit the salads, and indulged in a mouth watering roast, and some delicious sweets! I actually forgot the last time I had a bar of chocolate - so the pleasure was double!

It's Monday , and I know I will have to pay for this! Especially because I have been chatting with my designer - Ernest, and together with Gerard, we have all pooled in some ideas for the VODKA night in Serbia! Ernest will be designing my dress for the performance and hope he will bring me the same luck he brought Ira Losco in 2002! :) I'm very happy with the outcome, and think the puzzle is falling into place brilliantly! Eventually, I'll let you in on a couple of teasers.... :)

I can't not thank you all for showering me with messages and praise for the video clip! I'm so glad you liked it. Thanks Vlad, Andy, Ray, Schlagerboys, Maria, Lena, Priscilla, Paul, Alexey, Thomas, Ben, and a thousand others I can't name one by one cause it would take me too long! I just want you to know that I read your comments, and that I appreciate them very much. I may not have the time to respond to them, but do know that you are making this adventure all the more special for me!

I'm off to catch the ferry now - so "Au revoir!" and talk to you all soon!

xxx Morena


Lupideloop said...

Welcome back and good for you! Enjoy a figolla now too! :-)

Josienne said...

Hey Morena

George and I just saw your video tonight and we loved it. Good Luck on your Eurovision Journey. Only 2 months to go.....
Hope to see you soon:)


arbitro said...

Well done fot the video & keep it up Morena,your great!

alex said...

HI Morena
you are a great girl with a nice voice. Hope that all europe say the same thing that night to make maltese and gozo ppl happy but especially you. wish you luck in eurovision song 2008 in serbia and wish that Vodka bring us a good placing. I think that your hard working will make a big difference in your performance.

:) Morena (:
:) Malta (:
:) Gozo (:
:) WITH YOU :)

caroline said...

Well Done for the video, its really nice : )
btw, do you really drive a bike? or ....