Saturday, March 29, 2008

Weekend coming up!

Have a look at the time I'm posting!

It's past midnight and I just got home, kicked off my heels, put on some face cream, and pronto... I'm blogging away! I've become addicted to this lovely laptop of mine, and to all my lovely friends waiting out there for my news! And guess what guys - Soon my blog is going to be linked to a foreign site. Hmmm... but will tell you more about it soon!

The weekend is coming up and your VODKA Girl is busy as usual, hopping from one venue to another, and taking a dozen phone calls per hour! Yes, life as a VODKA girl is not easy! As usual my weekend is packed, and the mad rush comes to an end on Sunday. I've got a concert in Gharb and then I will be flown to Axis Discotheque in St Julians - like a real diva - to perform with Swedish disco queen Pertra Marklund - better known as September! So, we're gonna have a supa-dupa party and shake, shake, shake till the early hours!

I'll call it a night, and slip under the sheets now for some well deserved sleep! Remember, I've got an early wake-up call tomorrow.......TOO! :)


Vodka said...

DON'T FORGET that you have to forward you clock 1hour!!!! ON THE 30TH

MaateeoC said...

The Vodka girl is busy,because she is really trendy and exciting!

But it will paid off when you will be famous!

Go Morena,Go Malta!

Love MaateeoC from Hungary

Giuseppe said...

Giuseppe here!
I wanted just to thank you again!
Am I allowed to say that in person you are even better? ;P
I was very impressed by your hospitality and kindness.
Sorry again for the intrusion!
Good luck!!