Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy Birthday to ....Me!

It's my birthday today but your Vodka Girl is not having a relaxing day in. I had a video shoot early this morning so I had to be at the film studios in time for make-up and hair! After a quick breakfast I was being dolled up by Diane (my make-up artist) and Joseph from Toni & Guy who is my hairdresser! Between some fast food and tons of hairspray the shoot started and nobody even realized it was my birthday! And then, suddenly - The lights dim and everybody starts cheering and singing happy birthday. A nice, mouth-watering birthday cake coverd with oh la la... DELICIOUS chocolate ... appears in front of me out of nowhere! Hurrah! I was not forgotten! I got a little birthday present too! A very cuddly teddy-bear which we called "Mini-Vodka" and it will be my Good Luck charm from now on! I'm going to take "Mini-Vodka" with me to Serbia!!!!

Here are some photos for you to enjoy! And tomorrow, I'm going to take a little break and tell you all about the video clip - with some exclusive photos I took especially for you!

So keep tuned ! xxxx


Shawn said...

Happy Birthday Sweet!!! One week ago I was celebrating mine....Lots of luv...

BTW Have I seen right? Is that the studio of Where's Everybody? So the video will be filmed in a STUDIO? Hope you'll tell us some of the storyline tomorrow!!!

Lupideloop said...

Happy Birthday Morena, albeit belated!!

Hope you had a whale of a time!