Thursday, March 27, 2008

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Good morning my dears!

Hope all of you are well and kickin', and ready for a new day! I had the luxury of oversleeping today and it just feels... oh! Good! Good! Good! Yeah... Good! Good! Good!

I've just had a nice, and healthy breakfast , with 3 of my girlfriends! They prepared some really nice things for me, and pampered me like a real star, while they squeezed all the star-gossip out of me! :) Thanks girls! That was so nice! But since all fairytales come to an end, I know I have to gear up for a hectic day pretty soon!

Today, I'm off to catch the ferry and you'll be watching me on Mini Bugz this afternoon (Net TV). After that I'm doing a couple of radio shows, and then I'm popping into the studios to check out a new song which is being written for me. Gerard, would not reveal the title! Aw, he is such a tease! He says I'm going to like the text cause it's all about girl power! I tried to squeeze more information out of Philip, but he is on the teasing-game too! So, I'll just have to wait! Aaaggggggggggggggh!

My hectic TV schedule continues on Friday! You will be able to watch me on the afternoon show "Flimkien" which is aired on TVM.

I'll fill you in on my weekend soon! Now, I just have to doll myself up a little bit and head for the ferry before it is too late!

Have a good day - and a VODKA kiss to you all!


jimmy_vella said...


Here's some news to all of Morena's fans who log onto her blog regularly!

Morena now also has a Fan Page on Facebook to which you all can subscribe and share photos, stories, comments etc :)

The link to the Facebook Fan Page is:

Other links you might find useful are for:

The OFFICIAL VIDEO; which may be viewed here:

(Courtesy of Where’s Everybody? (Malta) and Youtube)

The MALTESE BEAUTY; who can be seen here:

(Courtesy of Brian Grech’s Photo Studio ( – Malta) and Youtube)

The OFFICIAL WEBSITE; which may be visited here:

(Courtesy of Kris Micallef)

JJ Vella

MaateeoC said...

Ahh....I can't say how happy I am...
I listen Vodka 5 times per day...And it doesn't enough...

Go Morena,Go Malta!!!

Love MaateeoC from Hungary :)

acoustika said...

I don't know why everyone keeps insisting on the youtube video when one can watch a much better quality video of Vodka here: mms://