Monday, February 25, 2008

Just landed!!!!

Hello! I'm back! Landed a few hours ago, and I thought I'd just flip open my laptop and drop my friends a little briefing about my Ukrianian adventure!

It was great guys! The people are so friendly, and our interpreter was one of the sweetest persons I have ever met! (If you're reading my blog..this is for you - Mwaah!).

Okay, back to us now! Everything was so professional and the TV studios were impressive! I had several TV shows, and radio shows, so we kept our Taxi man very busy, but he was more than happy to drive us around and point out some interesting sites on the way!

Hey! I'm really glad that everybody danced to VODKA like crazy! It was such a great feeling to see everybody going wild and shouting out VODKA with me! Obviously VODKA is very big in ukraine because everbody had a big smile at the mention of the word!

To say it in a nutshell - I had a ball ! It would have been simply perfect had it been a little more sunny (but I got the sun from the smiling faces around me, so that was okay!), and if I had taken a jacket that was a little bit ticker than the one I packed - but douze points for the Ukranian experience!

I want to relax today, watch some TV, and talk to some of my close friends - and then it is back to work! Hey - my video clip is going to be filmed next week! :)

(Photo credits TXD)


Claudio C said...

Great News! i hope you win! good luck even for the vid!!

Vodka said...
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Vodka said...

Of course everybody was's VODKA.
& of course they loved the song, the song is good and they love vodka.
Il-kuġina li jsejħula 'MINI MORENA'

posthuman said...

we are all with you Morena !!!