Sunday, May 18, 2008

The VODKA Girl.... Ready to rock!

Phew! OUR 2ND REHEARSAL IS OVER! I really enjoyed myself on stage! I tell you! Wish these 3 minutes lasted longer!

I have just changed into a fabulous evening gown and I am soon off to the Mayor's welcome party..... I had a pic taken which I am posting here together with a couple of others from our press conference!!!!
Yesterday, I met Dana International, and Verka Sedushka... They are really great, and they love the VODKA Girl!

Thanks to all my local and international fans who are giving me their postive feedback! You make all this so special for me guys! Like I said many times before... I want you all to be part of my experience!

OOOooops! I have to get going... my limo has just arrived.


V O D K A G I R L! xxxxx


Vodka said...

One more tot of vodka & u'll be a Hollywood star waiting for your limo. :D

Jng said...

we love you too!!xx

Emil said...

Do not know whether it is possible or not know but if you add some LASERS it will give the performance something special about it and lazers do go well with your them of the song!! :)

Goodluck we are all behind you!!

Sam Mifsud said...

Hi Morena on behalf of most Maltese living in Australia we do wish you the best for your nice unusal song VODKA !!!!
You keep doing your BEST and we are all proud of you.
Sam Mifsud
(Sydney )

Borg101 said...

hey morena how are you doing in serbia??it seems that you are doing great! hope that you having fun and that on thursday you give your 100% like you usually do!! Good luck
Borg Malta

Valerie said...

Just saw your second rehersal..... tal-gen!! hafna ahjar mill-ewwel wiehed. You look great. Keep it up!! Ahna se nkunu narawk fuq big screen gewwa l-Aurora. Aqbez u ghola halli naqbzu miek .... good luck

chard said...

You look great in this dress... Lovely figure... Well done!! In my opinion the make up has made you look pale. You should go for a darker tone as you have beautiful dark skin, signature of a mediterranean beauty.

Good Luck

Nicky said...

keep up all the brilliant work morena!! whatever the result you have already made our country proud with all your hard work and dedication throughout the year!! well done and all the best! xx

Nicky said...

keep up all the brillaint work morena!! whatever the result, you have already made our country proud with all your hard work and dedication throughout the year!! well done and good luck !! xx